Frequently Asked Questions

> For Schools

How do we set-up a team page?
The easiest way is to go the the Sign-Up page we have created. It is super easy! We also embedded a how-to slideshow at the bottom of this FAQ page, if for some reason you’re having difficulties. Please Contact Us for assistance.

How will winning school be announced?
The competition numbers will be calculated no later than a week after receipt of the school packages. We anticipate announcing the School / Studio Winners on or before Friday June 9, 2017. Winning Schools will be notified directly and we will post the Winners on our Website under the 2017 National Kick-A-Thon Competition area on our website.

What is the deadline for holding a “Kick-A-Thon?”
All Kick-A-Thons must be held and completed between March 15, 2017 and May 15, 2017 to qualify for competition prizes.

What is deadline for mailing in paperwork and funds?
You must postmark by 5 pm EST and mail all fully completed School Package materials in one package by May 23, 2017 to be eligible for competition Prizes. Please mail at:
Kids Kicking Cancer
2017 Kick-A-Thon Competition
27600 Northwestern Highway, Suite 220
Southfield, MI 48034
If you are running close to the deadline, we recommend shipping the package to assure timely receipt.

Can I co-mingle all checks and mail in one school check?
We encourage you to not do this. Commingling of funds creates tax and accounting problems for supporters who may be expecting a tax deduction receipt, for identifying donors to send a thank you message to, for attributing donations correctly to the individual students for prize distribution. Please submit all checks separately with the School Package Submittal.

Can I send in Cash?
While individual Students may receive cash as pledges / donations, we will not accept cash to be sent in to us. Please make sure all cash donations made to the individual student are noted on their pledge sheets and collected. Please convert all cash donations into a safe payment instrument (money order, cashier’s check) and send in with your school’s package materials.

How are prizes determined if several schools hold their Kick-A-Thon event together?
If multiple schools / studios schedule their Kick-A-Thon’s together then each individual participant must turn their permission slips, pledge sheets and donations into their own school or studios Kick-A-Thon Coordinator. Each School / Studio will mail in their own Package of materials and donations. This way Prize Winners can still be determined and awarded per school / studio.

> For Students & Parents

How will I get my Patch, T-shirt or Duffle Bag?
If you raised at least $50 to $99 you will receive a Patch; if you raised $100 to $249 you will receive a Patch and a T-Shirt; if you raise $250 or more you will receive a Patch, T-Shirt and a Duffle Bag! WOW! Student prize status will be submitted by each school Kick-A-Thon Coordinator then double checked by Kids Kicking Cancer Staff. We will then package student prizes by individual and school then ship to the school’s Kick-A-Thon Coordinator to distribute. Please remember to note your T-Shirt Size.

What if someone wants to pledge with a Credit Card?
The best way to take Credit Card pledges would be to have a team via the MobileCause platform, and you can easily recieve credit card donations that way. Additionally we have included cut-out cards for you to hand out to people so that they may manually make a credit card donation to Kids Kicking Cancer, and include your name with the donation so that you get credit for it!  Credit Card donations can also be made at: – indicate who the pledge is for under the In Honor Of section.

How do I direct people to my online page to make a donation?
When you sign up for a page on your Team, you will recieve an email with some information. One bit of information included is called a “Link to your page.” This is what you wil want to share to people, on for example, Social Media. This brings people directly to yourpage with the option to Make a Donation. Another bit of information in that same email is called a “Personal Keyword,” this is something that people can text to the provided number (71777), and they will in return, get a link to that same fundraising page! Cool!

How do I view my “supporters” on my page?
Using the link to your page, in the included sign-up email, you simply press “View Supporters” to see a list of all your donors!

What if I do not have access to a printer to print off the forms?
Please ask your School’s Kick-A-Thon Coordinator to print the forms off for you or go to a local Kinko’s / FedEx Center and ask for assistance. If these options are not available, please Contact Us or call our office at 248-864-8238 and we will mail out hard copies to you.

What if I run out of room on my Pledge Sheets?
Here’s an additional Pledge Sheet for you to print out and use.  Thank you for all your hard work!

Will you accept Cash donations?
If cash is accepted please note whom you received cash from on your pledge sheet and turn in to your School’s Coordinator to convert to a safe payment instrument (cashier’s check, money order).

Who does this Kick-A-Thon Benefit?
Kids Kicking Cancer is the beneficiary of this 2017 National Kick-A-Thon Competition. Their mission is “to ease the pain of very sick children while empowering them to heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.” They use an innovative program that merges modern integrative medicine with traditional martial arts to address the overwhelming need of children with all pediatric illnesses. Please visit their site at to learn more about their history and life changing work.

Are Donations tax-deductible?
Yes. Kids Kicking Cancer, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax I.D. 38-3500655.

Some of my supporters would like a “receipt” for their tax records. How do I get them one?
Sponsors who want to receive a tax deduction receipt for their donation may: 1) make a credit card donation online and indicate who the donation should be attributed to in the In Honor Of section; 2) make a credit card donation online at your individual online page; or make their check payable to: “Kids Kicking Cancer” and provide their email address in the memo line of the check.

Here’s a How-To set up your Fundraising campaign for your Kick-A-Thon, if you want to start via the MobileCause site:

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